What’s Different About Selling A Home During COVID-19

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Q: My wife and I had been planning to sell our home soon but we pulled back when the pandemic lockdowns began. We still want to sell, what’s different about selling now in the pandemic? Ravi, Brooklyn

A: Residential real estate has changed since the onslaught of the pandemic–one of those changes is the current foreclosure moratorium, which has effectively reduced the number of available homes for sale on the market. This reduction in available homes makes competition amongst buyers for houses that are currently for sale more fierce. This intense competition among buyers coupled with record low mortgage rates is making it easier for many homeowners to sell their homes right now. In my new book, “How To Sell Your Home During COVID-19” which is available on Amazon, I discuss 5 other things that are different about selling a home now during the pandemic. In my new book, I also discuss 1. whether you should sell your home now or wait 2. how to find out what your home is really worth during the pandemic 3. how to protect yourself from Coronavirus when you sell your home and 4. how to sell your home for the highest price during the pandemic. “How To Sell Your Home During COVID-19: A Real Estate Insider’s Guide” is available on Amazon:

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