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Performance Property is a real estate services company based in Jersey City, NJ. Our Founder, Gerald Lucas is an internationally recognized real estate expert with over 20 years of real estate experience. Gerald is the author of several books including “How To Sell Your Home During COVID-19: A Real Estate Insider’s Guide”, “Short Sale Specifics”, and Real Estate Investing Secrets". Gerald holds degrees from MIT and Howard University. Send an email to to set up a free consultation.

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Performance Property is a real estate services company based in Jersey City, NJ. Our Founder, Gerald Lucas...

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Beware of anyone who asks for money upfront to help you bankruptcy attorneys, forensic loan audit, companies...

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We help people gain financial freedom and independence through real estate. Rather than offering a generic solution, we let our clients define financial freedom and then we help them achieve it. Some of our clients achieve financial freedom with our help by learning how to analyze and purchase wealth-building rental property. We help other clients achieve financial independence by negotiating with their lender when they are behind on mortgage payments.

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Real Estate Insights

The Share Of Adults Planning A Home Purchase Fell For A Third Straight Quarter

The share of adults planning a home purchase within a year fell for a third straight quarter in the first three months of 2022, down to 13%.

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Gerald’s Real Estate Tip of the – Week of 5/17/22

Pay for property renovation projects by the job not by the hour. When you pay by the hour, it normally takes more time and costs you more money.

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Are Manufactured Homes The Key To Fixing The Housing Shortage

Q: Do you think it makes sense to buy a modular home? Fay, East Brunswick, NJ A: A manufactured or modular home is a factory built home.  A manufactured home is only meant to be moved once and is therefore different from a mobile home.  Manufactured homes tend to be well built.  Manufactured homes take less time to build and are much less expensive to build than a site built home.  The potential drawback of modular homes is that the cost to finance the purchase of modular homes may be higher and it can be difficult to find suitable land to put modular homes on.  Given the current shortage of available housing, modular or manufactured homes are one of the […]