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Performance Property is a real estate services company based in Jersey City, NJ. Our Founder, Gerald Lucas is an internationally recognized real estate expert with almost 20 years of real estate experience, who has written several books including “Short Sale Specifics”, the Amazon #1 best-seller, "Dare To Succeed" co-authored with Jack Canfield, creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and "Real Estate Investing Secrets". Gerald holds business degrees from Howard University and MIT.

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Gerald Lucas

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Performance Property is a real estate services company based in Jersey City, NJ. Our Founder, Gerald Lucas...

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Gerald Lucas

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Beware of anyone who asks for money upfront to help you bankruptcy attorneys, forensic loan audit, companies...

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We help people gain financial freedom and independence through real estate. Rather than offering a generic solution, we let our clients define financial freedom and then we help them achieve it. Some of our clients achieve financial freedom with our help by learning how to analyze and purchase wealth-building rental property. We help other clients achieve financial independence by negotiating with their lender when they are behind on mortgage payments.

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Real Estate Insight

Real Estate Insights

Home Sales In May, June And July Net Home Sellers The Biggest Premium

An analysis of more than 33 million single family home and condo sales over the past nine years shows that home sales in May, June and July net home sellers the biggest premium.

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Gerald’s Real Estate Tip of the – Week of 6/23/20

Do ALL your analysis BEFORE you make a purchase offer to buy property.

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Will Covid-19 Reopening Create A Summer Home Sale Rebound

Q: Real estate sales have slowed a lot during the virus lockdown. Do you think real estate sales will continue to be slow for the rest of this year? Duncan, Greenwich, CT A: Residential real estate buying is typically seasonal with the strongest sales usually occurring in the Spring. Since most of the US was in Covid-19 lockdown for most of the Spring, it is likely that the Spring homebuying spree will shift to later in the year. This shift in demand may in fact occur this summer in places like NJ where I operate that have effectively contained the virus-at least for now. Coronavirus mitigation will have an inordinate effect on the economy and real estate for the foreseeable […]