What Is An Investor-Friendly Realtor?

Performance Property Real Estate Question

Q: Gerald, I’m newbie real estate investor. I know you’ve said that I should work with investor-friendly realtors. What exactly is an investor-friendly realtor? Carlos, Union City, NJ

A: Realtors are typically trying to maximize their commission checks while investors are typically trying to buy properties as cheap as possible (these are not the same goals). Consequently, realtors will often look at investors as time-wasters, which is why you should always be upfront about being an investor and never feel bad if a realtor doesn’t want to work with you–just move on to the next Realtor until you find one that is investor-friendly. Good realtors usually have a niche and for some realtors that niche is investors. Investor-friendly realtors are often investors themselves. Real estate is a numbers game—you may have to make 100 offers to get one good profitable deal and you may have to talk to dozens of Realtors until you find an investor-friendly one that you feel comfortable working with. Thanks for your question, Carlos.

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