What Every Property Owner Should Have In Their Disaster Plan

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Q: Gerald, I own coastal property, how can I protect myself from natural disasters like hurricanes? Keith, Nags Head, NC

A: Good question, Keith.  Having just weathered 3 disastrous hurricanes, it should be apparent to property owners everywhere that they need to have a disaster plan to protect their real estate from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, high wind and manmade disasters like active shooter or terrorism.

In each case, you should do 3 things in this order:

1) Identify your risk

2) Reduce your risk

3) Insure your risk.

So, for example, you should assess your property’s flood risk for earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and high wind damage and then you should reduce your risk in each of those areas. For example, you can reduce flood damage risk by retrofitting your property or installing a flood wall.  Lastly, after you have identified and reduced risk you want to make sure you insure your property properly, for example by purchasing flood insurance.

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