Tis The Season For Real Estate Deals

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With just a few days before Christmas, I want to give you some contrarian advice that may give you a leg up on your real estate competition.

Most people slow down right about now, which is fine, it’s ok and essential to recharge your battery–however, when you choose to shut down your real estate business is important. You see, if all the other real estate investors are slowing down now, doing what everyone else is doing is not necessarily a good recipe for success. On a practical level, if you’re still doing business when everyone else slows down, you have less competition to contend with and it’s easier to make an impact. For example, negotiators at banks on both bank owned REOs & short sales tend to be more flexible at the end of every fiscal quarter and even more so in the last quarter of the year so now is the time to squeeze better margins from your real estate deals before the end of the year. Some food for thought during this holiday season.

I’m Gerald Lucas. I want to wish you and everyone in my real estate insider family a merry Christmas and happy Holidays.