The Short Sale Authority Exposes Sneaky Traps Powerful Banks Set For Homeowners

Job losses coupled with a record drop in property values have left scores of homeowners unable to make their mortgage payments and owing more money on their property than it’s currently worth.  Gerald Lucas, “The Short Sale Authority” has announced the upcoming release of his eagerly anticipated book, “Short Sale Specifics: An Easy-To-Read Homeowner’s Guide To Short Sales.”

With over a decade of experience in the real estate business and hundreds of successfully negotiated short sales to his credit, Lucas has built an impressive reputation as the preeminent expert on real estate short sales.  As Managing Director of Performance Property, Jersey City and Hoboken’s premier short sale negotiation company, Lucas has been assisting underwater homeowners throughout the housing crisis.

The area’s #1 producing real estate agent, Patrick Southern lent some additional perspective to Lucas’ expertise: “What sets Gerald Lucas apart in this business is his experience, the results that he consistently gets and his ability to explain complicated things in a simple way.  He’s negotiated with every major bank, he’s familiar with the hardball tactics banks use and he can navigate each bank’s complex bureaucracy to get an approval.”

When asked recently in his Jersey City office why he wrote the book, Lucas smiled, leaned forward and said, “I really hate banks.  It burns me up every time a homeowner I’m working with gets a phone call from a bank rep who tells them a lie to try to squeeze more money out of them.”  His short sale blog has become the preferred destination for homeowners and Realtors seeking reliable information on short sales.

Despite the long hours he works these days with mortgage defaults still rising, Lucas gets a kick out of exposing the tricks banks use to intimidate homeowners and Realtors in short sale transactions.    According to Lucas, “as soon as you understand their playbook, you take away the unfair advantage that banks have to begin with.”

Topics Covered In “Short Sale Specifics”:

  • What It Takes To Get A Bank To Approve A Short Sale
  • Can A Property Owner Do A Short Sale Even If They Haven’t Missed Any Mortgage Payments?
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make in A Short Sale and How To Avoid Them
  • How Much Does A Short Sale Affect A Homeowner’s Credit Score
  • Can A Bank Take A Homeowner’s Retirement Money If They Do A Short Sale?

Media kit available upon request.

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