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Q: My wife was checking out security systems for our home and rental property. Do you think that’s necessary? Caleb, North Haledon, NJ

A: When it comes to any additional property expense, it’s smart to weigh cost vs. benefit and make decisions based on actual rather than perceived risks. The range of prices for security systems is enormous ranging from under $25 to tens of thousands of dollars. For property owners, the 2 biggest risks are posed from burglars and porch pirates–if you have been a victim from either then I think it makes since to investigate an inexpensive but effective security system. But don’t go nuts–paying more money does not necessarily reduce your risk or increase your safety and home security companies purposely incite and prey on the fears of home and property owners to maximize their own profit. Bear in mind, additional expenses you incur as a property owner lower your return on investment (ROI). Thanks for your question, Caleb.

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