Should We Wait For Market Correction To Invest In Real Estate?

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Q: My brother and I want to start investing in real estate. Should we wait for a market correction to start? John, Passaic, NJ

A: Real estate investing isn’t for everyone, but if you are interested in investing, you should start immediately rather than procrastinating. There is no ideal time to start any business. If you are willing to make a commitment, then now is always the time to begin doing something worthwhile that has long term benefits. Bear in mind that the real estate strategies you employ will be different depending on where we are in the 4 stages of the real estate market cycle:

  1. recovery
  2. expansion
  3. hypersupply
  4. recession

Many local real estate markets in the US are still expanding at the moment which means that housing inventory is low which makes the buy side challenging, but also makes the sell side more advantageous. Thanks for your question, John.

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