Resist Adult Onset Laziness

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I often hear people say that they’re too old to do one thing or another. They’ll say, “When I was younger I’d do it, but I’m too old now.”

I can’t help but speculate that many of these same folks at some point in the past used being too young as an excuse not to take some action.

Now, being sick or being injured is a legitimate reason not to engage in certain activities. But, having been walking around on the planet a little longer than other people is NOT a legitimate reason.  Age is a relative measure and has little meaning in and of itself. It’s just a number. So, a 9-year old is old to a 5 year-old. So what?

The only two states that matter are alive and dead. If you are alive, you have more time and aren’t too old to do what you decide to do.  And despite what many people mistakenly believe, our brains are elastic and flexible throughout our lives.  As neuroscientist Michael Merzenich said, “You name the ability and you can drive improvement out of it independent of age.”

But, why would we EVER tell ourselves that we are too old to do what we want to do? There are enough barriers in the world already. There is no need for you to invent more out of thin air.  The real problem we face isn’t aging, it’s excuse making.

When we’re children, we have less choices.  We don’t get to decide whether or not we want to go to school, for example.  But as adults, we can choose to be lazy.  And unfortunately, many of us do.  So, in order to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, we have to resist adult onset laziness.