Most Important Rooms To Stage When You Sell A House

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Q: My realtor wants me to stage the home I just rehabbed. Which areas inside the home should be staged? Selvin, Bladensburg, MD

A: I often stage the houses I rehab and sell to retail buyers. The reason to stage a house is to make it look livable to potential buyers so they can picture themselves living there. Sometimes buyers will buy a house just because it was staged well. Staging normally allows you to sell a home faster, which is particularly important to investors who lose money every additional day a property sits on the market unsold.

Staging is an art, so I don’t do it myself, I bring in someone else with experience to do it. It costs money, but based on my experience it’s well worth the additional cost. Effective staging isn’t just about how things look, it’s also revolves around how things smell–scented candles offer a nice touch.

You don’t have to try to outdo Martha Stewart when you stage, but the more areas in the house you stage the better. Some rooms and areas in the home are more important than others. Based on my experience, the most important areas to stage are the areas where your buyers are likely to spend most of their time (i.e. bedrooms, kitchen, family room), however, this will depend on who your target buyer is (are they single, married with kids, empty nesters?) Stage the home based on the demographic of your most likely buyer–if you’re not sure, ask your local realtor.

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