Make Observations Instead Of Assumptions

Performance Property Real Estate Question

Q: I have lost several real estate deals recently to another investor in my area. My marketing and pitch focus on my ability to close in 30 days or less. The investor who got the last 2 deals didn’t even close for several months. What am I doing wrong? Cooper, North Brunswick, NJ

A: How do you know that closing in under 30 days is what is most important to the sellers you are negotiating with?—that’s an assumption you’re making that may not be true.

Despite their obvious usefulness in our daily lives, assumptions are imperfect short cuts that are often inaccurate. We can overuse assumptions or make an inaccurate assumption about a person or a situation.

Nobody can predict the future. It requires more effort to look, listen and ask questions than it does to sit back and make assumptions, but it’s worth the effort. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we thought was going to happen or what was supposed to happen–in life we will always be forced to deal with what actually happens. Prioritize discovering the facts–this means asking and finding out what sellers want rather than guessing or assuming. Assumptions limit your inquiry and cloud your judgement. If you ask, most people will tell you what they want—directly or indirectly, so make observations rather than assumptions. Thanks for your question, Cooper.

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