Killer Holiday Season Real Estate Opportunity

Performance Property Real Estate Question

Q: Gerald, you’ve said that real estate tends to slow down during the holidays, should I take my foot off the gas in my real estate business between Thanksgiving and New Years? Anderson, Pearl River, NY

A: I’m glad you asked that question, Anderson. The simple answer is no, you shouldn’t slow down your real estate business during the holidays unless you have some non-business related reason to do so. Think about it, lower market activity means less competition for the motivated real estate investor. I am a contrarian by nature anyway–as I’ve said before, if you follow the herd, you’ll end up scraping shit off the bottom of your shoes, so if everyone else is slowing down, I suggest you step it up and exploit the increased opportunity during the holidays to differentiate yourself even more in the real estate market you are investing in.

Thanks for your question, Anderson. Good luck.

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