How To Recover Rent $ When A Tenant Stops Paying

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Q: I have a tenant who hasn’t paid me rent in almost 2 years. I finally got a court date in landlord-tenant court. Is there any way to get the money he owes me? Candy, Elizabeth, NJ nd are we in one now? Charles, Berkeley Heights, NJ

A: The most obvious remedy when a tenant is behind on rent is to file for eviction, Candy which is what you’ve already done. Even if you can finally evict your delinquent tenant, he still owes you almost 2 years worth of rent. A lease agreement is a binding contract and when a tenant stays in a landlord’s property and fails to pay, a landlord can sue the tenant in civil court to recover lost rents, which is what I suggest you do. If a landlord wins a judgment against a delinquent tenant, the judgment will outlast the tenancy and you can potentially collect from your tenant long after he is no longer in your property. In fact, if you win a judgment against your tenant, you can have his wages garnished and potentially have money removed from bank accounts in his name. Thanks for your question, Candy.
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