How Pandemic Foreclosures Differ From 2008 Crisis

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Q: Can we expect lots of foreclosures after the foreclosure moratorium is lifted like during the global financial crisis? Valerie, Edison, NJ

A: Although mortgage delinquencies have tripled in NJ in the last year, the current mortgage delinquency rate now in NJ is 5.4% which is less than half the delinquency rate in 2013 after the global financial crisis which was 11.8%. Consequently, I don’t believe the foreclosure rate will be as high when the moratorium is lifted as during the global financial crisis after 2008. Nevertheless, foreclosures will inevitably increase after the foreclosure moratorium is lifted because so many people have lost their jobs and because all the foreclosures that were in process before the pandemic were temporarily postponed during the pandemic. Thanks for your question, Valerie. Good luck.

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