How Landlords Stop Getting Fined For Tenant Behavior

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Q: I got a fine from the city because my tenants put garbage outside my property on the wrong day. Why should I have to pay this fine? Ken, Roselle, NJ

A: I have been a landlord for 20 years and believe me I can relate and understand your grief, Ken. In addition to a lease, I require all my tenants to sign and initial a lengthy lease addendum. The lease addendum I make all my tenants sign contains provisions that make tenants responsible for city violations they commit like leaving trash out on the wrong day. Requiring tenants to sign and pledge their understanding that they are responsible for violations they commit does 2 things: 1) it spells things out in writing so tenants can’t pretend they didn’t know better and 2) It plants a seed in the tenant’s mind that makes violations possible but less likely. Thanks for your question, Ken.

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