Gerald’s Real Estate Article Insights: 5 Housing Trends for Summer 2014

Looser mortgage lending standards and more real estate financing options for self-employed borrowers is welcomed news this summer. In many real estate markets, mine included, there continues to be a shortage of available homes for sale. Smart buyers must therefore be more patient than ever in order to get good real estate value—as I often tell my coaching students, you make your money in real estate when you buy. When you buy, you have the most control in a real estate transaction—when you buy you can always say no, walk away and live to buy another day. It’s hard to say no when everyone else in the market and the media is putting pressure on you to move quickly and impulsively, but the key to being a smart real estate investor is maintaining the discipline to resist the temptation to let your emotions take control and enable you to make a poor financial decision.

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