Embrace The Beauty Of Struggle

Performance Property Real Estate Question

Q: Gerald, I made a commitment to build my real estate business but I am having a very tough time with bad tenants, contractors and attorneys. What am I doing wrong? Charlie, Linden, NJ

A: Building any business is challenging. It’s easy to focus on the pain and frustration that normally accompany struggle, however I suggest you consider how much you are growing and developing personally and professionally as a result of these struggles you are dealing with in your real estate business. There is in fact an inextricable link between struggle and progress.

When you exercise, you damage muscle fibers that your body repairs and replaces usually resulting in stronger muscles. When you learned to walk and ride a bicycle you had to struggle—falling down and then having to get up over and over again until you mastered the skill. These are examples of the long term benefits of short term struggle.

Jack Canfield, who I co-authored “Dare To Succeed” with told me that he was rejected by 143 different publishers before landing a publishing deal for his first Chicken Soup For The Soul Book—Jack has done very well since then!

There is a lesson to be learned in every struggle and temporary setback—these lessons are stepping stones not dead ends.
Struggle gives you perspective and helps you appreciate your growth and development. It’s never what actually happens to you that matters, it’s the meaning you assign to what happens to you that makes the biggest impact on you in the long run. Don’t fret over temporary struggles, embrace their beauty as unavoidable obstacles on your journey to your chosen destination. Thanks for your question, Charlie.

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