Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity

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There’s a unique opportunity right in front of you that you can take advantage of this week between Christmas and New Year.

While everyone else is binge-eating and drinking you can and should make your real estate plan for next year:

Focus on what you are going to do (the type of properties you want to focus on as well as the specific geographic areas you want to target as well) AND what you’re not going to do, because there are only 168 hours in a week and there are way more real estate opportunities in your life than you can ever realistically be able to pursue to get meaningful results so you have to choose.

I know the fear of missing out is one of our strongest irrational impulses, but you have to fight it and recognize that time is a limited resource –time spent in one area necessarily cannot be spent in another area–it’s as important to choose what you’re not going to do as it is what you actually spend time doing.

One key to finding the most important areas to focus on is to take an honest look at all the things you’ve spent time on this year–you have that unique opportunity this last week of the year when many of us have less things on our plates. After you have a list of the things you spent your time on, figure out which areas produced the best results as well as the potential for the results you’re looking for in the future. Put a star or asterisk next to those areas and begin the sometimes painful yet important and ultimately liberating task of eliminating the other time-draining activities that aren’t moving your goals forward.

I want to wish you and everyone in my real estate insider family a happy new year–here’s to a very prosperous 2018!