Don’t Get Ripped-Off On A New Roof. Gerald Lucas reveals

Q: How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off On A New Roof? Chris, Memphis, Tennessee

A: Continuing from our last discussion on roof replacement based on Chris’ question, I’m going to give you some tips for finding a good roofer and protecting yourself with a solid contractor agreement. As I said in the last installment, a roof is one of the most expensive items to replace in a home. I suggest getting at least 3 quotes, from licensed contractors—you can probably get someone without a license to do the work cheaper but you’re taking a big risk that I wouldn’t recommend—I’ve cut corners before on houses that I’ve had renovated before and paid the price for it later. Getting referrals from other people who your roofer has done work for is a smart practice and getting referrals with before and after photos is ideal. Reliable roofers offer guarantees for their work, so you should demand a guarantee of at least 5 years if not longer. Lastly, when you’re working with your roofer or with any contractor you want to require they sign a written agreement or contract with a specific scope of work (which includes whether they’ll remove the existing roof or not) and a payment schedule that is tied directly to the completion of specific milestones—ideally you want your roofers work to precede your payment. Thanks for your question, Chris. Good luck. For more real estate tips and for information on my real estate coaching program, visit I’m Gerald Lucas and I’ll see you again soon.