Ask Gerald: How Do I Remove Pet Odor From a House?

Q: The tenant that just moved out of our rental property had lots of animals, how do you remove pet odor from a house? Renee’, Albuquerque, NM
A: Renee’, here are 3 ways to remove pet odor from a house
1 Baking soda. A natural odor absorber and a natural air freshener
2 Use a HEPA filter and change the furnace and A/C filters frequently. Airborne pet odor can get trapped in your air filters and recirculate the stench on a continuous basis.
3 Paint the house. This may sound drastic but when all else fails painting the interior of your home may be just what you needed. It’s probably a good idea to paint before you show your property to new prospective tenants anyway—it’ll show better and reduce the amount of time before you get a good tenant. Thanks for your question, Renee’. For more real estate tips and for information on my real estate coaching program, visit