7 Things You Can’t Control in Real Estate

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It’s always more productive to focus on the things in life that you have the most control over. It’s pointless to spend time and emotional energy pre-occupied with things you have no power over like the 7 things you can’t control in real estate:

  1. Taxes (Property and Income)
  2. Cost of Insurance
  3. Sale Price (when you sell) and Rent Price (when you rent). The person with the money always decides the price -this is another way of saying that ‘the market’ ultimately controls these prices
  4. Interest Rates (your credit score has some influence over the interest rate you’ll pay, but you have no say in the Prime Rate which underpins most loans)
  5. Price of building material
  6. Inflation
  7. Price of land

Look out next week for a blog post on 7 Things you Can and Should Control in Real Estate!