3 Tips For Finding A Good Mason

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Q: We need a mason to do some work in our backyard. The last guy we hired ripped us off. Do you have any tips for finding a good mason? Kendrick, South Orange, NJ

A: It’s challenging finding a good mason to do mason work on a home. Here are 3 tips to identify a good mason:

Tip #1: Make sure the mason you interview has experience with the specific type of mason work you need done. For example, if you need a fieldstone wall built (a wall that is built without the use of mortar), don’t hire a mason who only has experience building foundations.

Tip #2: Avoid newbies. Ask for referrals, references and request photographic examples of the mason’s previous work.

Tip#3: Get multiple bids from different masons–make sure the bids are in writing and that the bids specify whether the quoted price includes the cost of labor and materials.

Thanks for your question, Kendrick.

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