3 Thanksgiving Real Estate Marketing Tips

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Q: I’m a realtor and real estate tends to slow down over Thanksgiving and the holidays. What can I do to boost my business and avoid the seasonal slowdown? Belinda, Clifton, NJ

A: Here are 3 Thanksgiving real estate marketing tips to keep your business moving over Thanksgiving and the holidays:

  1. Send thank you cards to past clients. It’s a lot easier to win additional business from someone who is already familiar with you than it is to earn new business–this is low hanging fruit that you should take advantage of
  2. Send Thanksgiving gift basket to partners, investors and past clients–most people send holiday stuff around Christmas, so sending Thanksgiving baskets is a great way to differentiate yourself from all the other real estate professionals in your market
  3. Send a seasonal local real estate market report to partners, investors and past clients. This will help position you as an expert and authority and put you in top of mind position with recipients that will help drive additional business for you

Thanks for your question, Belinda.
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