#1 Trick Bad Tenants Use To Get A Landlord To Rent To Them

Q: Gerald, I remember you mentioning the #1 trick bad tenants use to trick landlords into renting to them but I forgot what it was.  What was it? Chelsea, Sea Bright, NJ

A: Great question, Chelsea.  The #1 trick bad tenants use to trick a landlord to rent to them is….showing up with a big wad of cash and asking to move in right away.  Now the reason, this is the #1 trick that bad tenants use is because a landlord’s main goal is to collect rental income and it’s very tempting to take money when someone is waving it in your face.  The potential problem for landlords is that when someone shows up suddenly with a bunch of money and wants to move in, there’s a good chance it’s because they just got kicked out of another place!   So one of the keys to successful landlording is to having consistent rules and regulations regarding how you screen tenants before you accept any money, sign a lease or let tenants move into your property.  After a bad tenant moves in, it’s very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get them out.  I’ve been a landlord for over 15 years and I can say with 100% certainty that no tenant is better than a bad tenant, so protect yourself.

Thanks for your question, Chelsea.  Good luck!.

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