“Thank you so much for helping me. My property was haunting me for quite sometime. We tried for so long to sell but couldn’t. My family and I never thought we would resolve this problem so easily, but you facilitated the whole process and made it swift and painless. We can’t thank you enough for this.”
~ Sal Rizzo-Cascio | Jersey City, New Jersey

“As a relatively new investor, I had some concerns about buying my first big multi-unit property. Gerald Lucas’ knowledge and patience helped me through the process. I’d recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting into real estate.”
~ Ethan Borshansky | Ridgewood, NJ

“Thank you so much for all your work, effort and time you put in helping me complete my short sale. I think things went really smoothly, way better than I’d hoped for! I’m sure it’s because of you. I really appreciate all of your help and in the future should I or anyone I know need a short sale specialist, I’ll know who to call!”
~ Bridget Hieronymus | Jersey City, New Jersey

“I was not able to pay my mortgage and the Bank started the Foreclosure proceedings against me. I had been trying to sell my condo to avoid foreclosure since it would affect my credit. I spoke with Performance Property about their process and they gave me hope. They were very diligent and did all the negotiations on my behalf and convinced the Bank to accept the short sale offer. Finally, on June 12, 2009 I closed the condo sale with their help. They were very professional, sincere and hardworking. I would recommend Performance Property’s services to anyone who is in the process of buying, selling or short selling a property.”
~ Samuel Manoharan | North Bergen, New Jersey

“My family and I want to thank you so much for helping us get rid of our rental property. You did an outstanding job negotiating with our bank and keeping us informed. Thanks to your help, I now have more money to pay down bills and repair my credit.”
~ Marko Shafik | Bayonne, New Jersey

“If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your property, I highly recommend Performance Property. Always attentive, thoughtful and understanding, Performance Property will keep you informed every step of the way and will not rest until the job is done.”
~ Sean Daughtry | Jersey City, New Jersey

“As I began my morning today, I came to the conclusion that it was the dawn of a brand new start for my family. The burden of our home debt is finally behind us. I have you to thank for that. You stuck by us, slogged through the swamp that is Chase Bank, put up with my constant questions and anxieties. I wondered if this day would come and lo and behold, it has. If good karma is to be had, I think you hit it big today. I am profoundly grateful for your hard work that has truly made a difference in our lives. We can now move forward with rebuilding our lives focusing upon a renewed perspective of what the important things in life are. Thank you again for your time and dedication.”
~ Melinda | Bayonne, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for all your help. After 18 months of stress and frustration, I finally sold my Jersey City property. I feel a huge weight has been lifted. The experience and knowledge that Performance Property provides is invaluable. In every step of the process, you were extremely courteous and professional. Thank you again.”
~ Gita Gorji | Hoboken, New Jersey


“Hi Gerald, Thank you very much for coaching me! I gained a great deal from our experience. I really did grow from that experience and I think the experience was amazing. Going through the process of that woke me up to some issues I have as a business owner and dealing with time management. But, I see it all the better I went through that and now have a different perspective on such matters. I will continue to move forward with real estate and I appreciate everything you did. Thanks Again”
~ Andrew Wheeler | Boise, ID

“Thank you for all your support and great advice! You are a great coach.”
~ Tina Houston | Tupelo, Ok

“Gerald, I just wanted to say that I’m appreciative of your input in my business and the advice you gave me on how to structure everything from the beginning. It has been helpful and I would recommend your insight to anyone that is looking to start doing some deals right away. Thanks again.”
~ Ben Horning | Exton, PA

“Gerald, Working with you has been pleasurable adventure. I appreciate the time you set aside for our coaching sessions. You provided many hints and tips to assist me in my transitioning to a real estate investor here in New Jersey. I appreciated your candor, honestly and street smart assessment.”
~ Mary Adamski | Edison, NJ

“Hi Gerald, First I would like to thank you for all of your help during my real estate endeavors. You pushed me when I was down on myself, and I wanted to give up. You gave me great ideas on how to build my buyer’s list, plus market to find motivated sellers. . There was not one time, where I didn’t learn something from our coaching calls. As time went on, I felt like I was talking more to a friend then a coach. I just want to thank you again for everything.”
~ Vince Kofi | Bronx, NY

“Hello Gerald: Gerald just a note to say thank you for your expertise in coaching me. The guidance and information you provided me will be instrumental to my success as I develop my real estate portfolio. Thanks again for your straight, candid instruction I will utilize my notes extensively in developing my real estate knowledge skills. I look forward to communicating of my success in the near future until then; be well, prosper and thank you.”
~ Alice Green | Dorchester, MA

“Thanks Gerald. Your class was great! I feel like I have some sense of direction now because I was truly lost before. I didn’t understand how anyone started a business and now I realize that if I want to be successful I better figure out what the customer wants and needs versus what I THINK they want or need! Thanks again.”
~ Myani Lawson, Executive Director at The Learning Suite

“Gerald, What I have learned from your coaching is extremely immeasurable and irreplaceable. As I embark in my career of real estate investing I feel that from your knowledge and what you have shown me there’s no situation that I can’t handle. Without your support I feel that I would be another statistic who once wanted to be a real estate investor. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate what you have taught me and I truly look forward to financial independence, planning my own schedule and the valuable time I get to spend with my family because of what I’ve learned from you.”
~ Terrence Robinson | Aurora, Colorado


“As a Realtor, it’s good to have Performance Property in my network. Their follow-through and attention to detail has been instrumental in getting short sale approvals in record time. I can rest assured that the homeowner and I will be kept well-informed throughout the process–we always know what’s going on with the negotiations. Just as important, their services free me up to focus on doing what I do best, so that I am able to go after more business.”
~ Maria Carme de Sagun | Coldwell Banker Sales Associate – Jersey City, NJ

“Thank you for handling the short sale process for me and my client – you made the process so effortless, seamless, efficient and effective for all parties involved and you created even further results for my sellers, somehow getting them money back at closing! I think we set a new record with how quickly this short sale was closed and we thank you endlessly for making what can be such a frustrating process a lot easier. Many thanks from all of us!”
~ David Najjar | Realty Executives Najjar Group – Jersey City, New Jersey

“In one word, Gerald is a closer. Here are a few more: He’s a real pro and a joy to work with. He is intelligent, skilled, assertive and a master in his field. His follow up skills are second to none and he knows how to deal with clients to achieve maximum results and to get everyone involved in a transaction working harmoniously to reach the common goal. It has been a pleasure working with Gerald and I look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future.”
~ Irene Barnaby | Jersey City, NJ