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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence May Improve Real Estate

Q: I’ve been hearing about AI in the news a lot recently. How do you think artificial intelligence will affect real estate? Zach, Hoboken, NJ A: Artificial intelligence is already impacting residential real estate. Zillow’s Zestimate method, which unfortunately often provides wildly inaccurate property valuation estimates, is nevertheless built on AI technology. Here are 3 ways artificial intelligence may improve residential real estate moving forward: By providing curated recommendations to renters & home buyers. Artificial intelligence can tailor property listings based on buyer and renter preferences By automating and streamlining customer care, AI-powered chatbots can handle inquiries about rentals and homes for sale to help both realtors as well as renters and home buyers By automating and streamlining the mortgage […]

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Judge Rules “Zestimates” Are Just Estimates

A federal judge ruled that Zillow “Zestimates” are just estimates, dismissing an Illinois lawsuit by homeowners who sued Zillow Group over its controversial home valuation algorithm – a tool which they alleged had undervalued their homes and made them harder to sell.

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