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Which Homes Sell The Fastest

Q: I am a landlord planning to sell a few of my single family homes so I can buy a multi-family property. I need the proceeds from the sales to buy the multi-family. The single family homes I’m planning to sell are different sizes and are located in different towns. Is there a way to figure out which single family homes are likely to sell the fastest? Curtis, Mobile, AL A: The speed at which you sell your single family homes depends mostly on how you price them. Homes that are priced correctly sell the fastest. To sell quickly, a home should be priced at or slightly below the price similar single family homes have recently sold for because they […]

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Single Family Homes in New Jersey Decline

The number of single family homes in NJ fell 18.8% in 2017 to 33,887 from 41,736 from a year earlier in 2016.

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