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Gerald’s Real Estate Tip of the – Week of 1/30/15

In winter or when it’s cold outside, reverse your ceiling fans to help circulate warm air that gathers near the ceiling. When the fan blades rotate clockwise, they push the warm air down to “reheat” the lower areas.

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The 3 Keys To Buying Property That Will Make You The Most Money

Q: Which properties will make me the most money? (The 3 Keys To Buying Property That Will Make You The Most Money) June, Freeport, NY A: Good question, June. There are many factors that play into whether you’ll make money on a property you buy, but here are 3 key ones: 1. Picking the right area/neighborhood/street. This is critical because the right area will make your property more attractive to tenants if it’s a rental property and more attractive to buyers whenever you choose to sell your property 2. Picking the right kind of property-based on your budget (what you can afford to buy and maintain while you own it) and your exit strategy—exit strategy just means what you ultimately […]

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