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What’s The Best Corporate Entity To Use In Real Estate Transactions

Q: Gerald, what is the best corporate entity to use for real estate transactions? Edward, Hillside, NJ A:  The most appropriate corporate entity to use in a real estate transaction depends on what real estate transaction you’re doing.  It also depends on your capital requirements, your time horizon, whether you’re doing the transaction by yourself or with partners.  If you are doing a real estate deal with partners, the ideal entity may depend on the number of partners you have or need to get the deal done. Here are some facts on 2 often used entities in real estate transactions: S Corps &  LLCs S Corporations are my least favorite entity for several reasons including the fact that termination of […]

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Who REALLY Has The Power In Any Real Estate Deal?

Q: I’ve been negotiating the price on a house with a seller that wants a lot more money than the home is worth.  What can I do to convince them their asking price is too high?  Jody, Hillsborough, NJ A: That’s a great question, Jody–it’s one I often get asked from frustrated real estate investors who come to me for help.  The truth is that you may not be able to convince the inflexible seller you’re negotiating with that their asking price is too high, but I want to bring up a bigger and more important point for you to consider….and that is who REALLY has the power in almost any real estate deal.  In most situations, the person with […]

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