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3 Signs Real Estate Prices Will Change

Q: Gerald, I’m trying to stay on top of the real estate market, how do I know when prices will start moving in the other direction? Stan, Utica, NY A: Good question, Stan.  You are correct to monitor your local real estate market so you can stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competition.  I’m going to give you 3 indicators that telegraph a possible inflection point resulting in real estate price changes: 1) Housing Inventory Levels: Home sale activity is the best leading indicator of real estate price trends–this is because buyers create the demand for housing that is directly linked with price movement.  Housing inventory levels (# months required to sell the homes for sale in […]

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Gerald’s Real Estate Tip of the – Week of 5/3/16

The average number of days on market required to sell a home gives you a good indication of the strength of that local real estate market–a higher average number of days on market usually suggests a weaker market, a lower average number of days on market implies a stronger local real estate market.

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