Fuquan Bilal

Local Real Estate Titans Launch New Fund

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Clifton, NJ. – May 31, 2017– New Jersey real estate titans, Gerald Lucas & Fuquan Bilal recently launched NNG Capital Fund, a new real estate fund that gives accredited, passive investors unique access to a diversified hybrid portfolio of mortgage notes and residential real estate at very attractive annual yields. NNG Capital Fund acquires pools of mortgages nationwide and residential property located in five northern New Jersey counties. Both Fuquan Bilal and Gerald Lucas have previous real estate fund experience and almost thirty-five years of combined residential real estate experience. NNG Capital Fund’s unique hybrid investing approach targeting both mortgage notes and residential real estate increases the fund’s liquidity and flexibility, provides a buffer and a hedge […]

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Performance Property Real Estate Question

What Every Landlord Should Know About Mortgage Notes

Q: Gerald, I heard you say that your new real estate fund invests in real estate and mortgage notes. How can a landlord like me benefit from mortgage notes? Henry, Kalamazoo, MI. A: Landlords can use their rents as collateral in a collateral assignment, which allows them to securitize and borrow against their rents as a landlord. Gerald Lucas & mortgage note expert, Fuquan Bilal reveal what every landlord should know about mortgage notes in this installment of Ask Gerald A Real Estate Question.

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