Professional Speaker: Real Estate Investing

Residential real estate investing expert, Gerald Lucas’ speaking engagements have spanned the globe from North America to Europe, from Asia to Australia. Whether it’s a keynote address or a smaller more intimate event, Gerald consistently delivers the goods. A master of tailoring his time-tested investing strategies to maximize the benefit to his audience, Gerald consistently leaves audiences thoroughly satisfied and pleading for more. Whether it is to kick things off at the beginning of an event off or to wrap things up at the end of an exciting session, Gerald has demonstrated his unique talent to fine-tune his message to exceed the requirements of his event sponsors and audience.


●  How to get started in real estate investing
●  How to analyze property-what to look for and what to avoid
●  Real estate short sales made easy
●  How to finance real estate deals
●  How to build an effective real estate investing team

International speaker & investing expert, Gerald Lucas on real estate markets