Gerald speaking to the National Association of Best-Selling Authors in Hollywood, California
Gerald awarded the EXPY® Award for Outstanding Public Speaking in New York City’s Times Square

Gerald Lucas: Keynote Speaker

Gerald Lucas is an internationally recognized keynote speaker. Gerald Lucas’ speaking engagements have spanned the globe from North America to Europe, from Asia to Australia. Whether it’s a keynote address or a smaller more intimate event, Gerald always delivers the goods, consistently leaving audiences thoroughly satisfied and pleading for more. Whether it is to kick things off at the beginning of an event off or to wrap things up at the end of an exciting session, Gerald has demonstrated his unique talent to fine-tune his message to exceed the requirements of his event sponsors and audience.

Gerald’s most popular lectures include:

  • Being Your Own Boss: Meeting The Challenges of Entrepreneurship
  • How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate
  • Passion & Perseverance: The Keys to Enduring Success and Financial Freedom

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A renowned business thought leader and teacher, Gerald has successfully coached hundreds of students throughout the United States and Canada how to start their own businesses and invest in residential real estate. Gerald channeled his extensive entrepreneurial experience when he designed, developed and taught the small business certificate program for aspiring entrepreneurs at Hudson College which included the following courses:

  • How To Form a Corporation
  • How To Write a Business Plan
  • Sources of Financing
  • Record Keeping and Cash Flow Analysis
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan


 I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the amazing job you did speaking last week. Your experience as a multi-family owner and your knowledge of the market here in NJ had our audience engaged to say the least. When we have someone who is not only a powerful speaker but, a true working landlord it is like we have hit the jackpot. Your “in the trenches” familiarity with our core membership demographic made the evening a must attend for everyone. There was not one person exiting the room who did not learn something they could turn around and use immediately.
We have received so many compliments for the program and questions about when you will be speaking again. The feedback has been overwhelming. Thank you again for making my job so easy!

– Kelly Voicheck, Executive Director, Property Owners Association of New Jersey, Inc.

Your talk at the Best Selling Author’s Conference was not only informative, but very inspiring. We both know that the engine that runs this country is the small business owner. You had the audience rolling when you described your first business going door to door at four years old selling coloring books. Of all the events that transpired that weekend I came home repeating your entrepreneurial story of not letting the early rejection you received dampen your resolve or spirit towards owning your own business.

Congratulations on all the awards you took home. Please let me know the next time you are speaking in or around Chicago, I’d love to attend.

Ken Courtright, Founder, TGC (2013 Inc 500 Fastest-Growing US companies)


Gerald, at the Best-Sellers’ Summit, we all expect everyone to perform at a certain level. But every now and then someone shows themselves as a star that is even brighter than we thought. You and your presentation showed us that you were exactly that! Your wisdom, knowledge, and entertaining delivery were extremely helpful to the entire audience. If anyone has the chance to have you speak at their event, or to hear you speak, they’d be a fool to pass that chance up! Congrats on the awards, you deserve them!

– Nick Nanton Emmy® Award Winning Director and Best-Selling Author


Congratulations! For the record, your speech at the conference was not only captivating, but it was also as compelling as it was informative. Keep up the excellent work.

– Vicente Njoku Nutritionist and Fitness Expert


Gerald Lucas is a divine blend of calm, collected presence meshed with deep-rooted passion and impressive talent, all of which shines through when he speaks.

– Amy Scott Grant Spiritual Ass Kicker and Best-Selling Author