Short Sale Specifics


Do you know anyone who bought a property at the top of the real estate market? How about someone who is upside down on their mortgage or behind on their mortgage payments?

“Short Sale Specifics” is a definitive homeowner’s guide to real estate short sales. The insights, the advice and the information you’ll find in “Short Sale Specifics” comes from the personal experience of Gerald Lucas, Managing Director of Performance Property, operating a short sale negotiation company and successfully negotiating hundreds of short sales.

In Short Sale Specifics you will discover:

  • What it takes to get a short sale approval from a bank
  • The impact a short sale may have on your credit score
  • Whether you can short sale a property without missing any mortgage payments
  • Whether the bank can get your retirement money if you do a short sale
  • How to quickly repair your credit after a short sale

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Take a look at the table of contents and click on the links to view sample chapters provided.

  1. Introduction
  2. Real Short Sale Stories (sample chapter)
  3. Short Sales: The Basics
  4. Why Banks Do Short Sales
  5. Sneaky Bank Tricks
  6. The Personal Impact Of A Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure
  7. A Short Sale’s Impact On Your Credit Score
  8. How To Qualify For A Short Sale
  9. Doing A Short Sale After An Unsuccessful Loan Modification
  10. Short Sale Without Missing Any Mortgage Payments
  11. Property Expenses That Must Be Paid Before Closing
  12. Can A Mortgage Lender Get Your Retirement Money?
  13. How Long It Takes To Complete A Short Sale
  14. The Importance Of Paperwork And Documentation
  15. The Perfect Length For A Hardship Letter
  16. 7 Tips For Writing A Persuasive Hardship Letter (sample chapter)
  17. Attracting A Patient Short Sale Buyer
  18. How To Deal With Buyer Setbacks
  19. The Correct Way To Handle Tenants
  20. Property Repair Issues
  21. Short Sale Closing Costs
  22. Cash Contributions And Promissory Notes At Closing
  23. After A Short Sale The Unpaid Loan Balance Becomes ______
  24. Repairing Credit After A Short Sale
  25. Short Sale Glossary (sample chapter)

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