Real Estate Expert Gerald Lucas’ Financial Safari Radio Show Interview To Air Spring 2014

Real Estate Expert & Best Selling Author, Gerald Lucas’ Interview on National Radio Show, Financial Safari will air early spring 2014

Raleigh-Durham, NC – Mar. 4, 2014 – Real Estate Expert & Best-Selling Author, Gerald Lucas will appear on the Financial Safari National Radio Show in early spring 2014 to discuss his books “Short Sale Specifics” and the best-seller “Dare To Succeed” and how we can achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Financial Safari is a weekly financial show that airs on radio and television stations across the United States. Financial Safari’s mission is to equip listeners with the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate today’s complex financial jungle.  Past Financial Safari guests include Sully Sullenberger, Robert Kiyosaki, Herman Cain, Adam Corolla and former United States Comptroller General, David Walker.

About Gerald Lucas:

Gerald Lucas is a real estate investor, best-selling author, coach and professional speaker.

Gerald is the Founder and Managing Director of real estate investment firm, Performance Property ( Gerald is a landlord, a condominium developer and a licensed Realtor who has owned & managed properties that range in size from condos and single family homes to big apartment complexes.

In 2011, Gerald partnered with an Australian pension fund to form a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and together they raised over $100 million to invest in residential property. Gerald developed the REIT’s entire investment strategy, handpicked the REIT’s initial team of professionals and oversaw the first $20 million of all property acquisitions.

A renowned business thought leader, entrepreneur and teacher, Gerald has coached hundreds of students throughout the US and Canada how to invest in residential real estate.  Gerald holds business degrees from both Howard University as well as MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  For real estate tips and to learn more about Gerald Lucas visit


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