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The most successful entertainers, athletes, business executives, entrepreneurs and sales people around the world employ coaches to educate, advise, mentor and motivate them.

If you’re interested in real estate investing and want to maximize your potential, you can benefit from my time-tested real estate marketing tips, negotiation techniques, methods, rules, forms, contracts and procedures.

I know what it takes, how it’s done and can help you make it happen.

My systems are proven because I have been improving and refining them for a decade and I use them myself in my real estate business. It’s not rocket science, but it does require work–this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will get out of my coaching program what you put into it. But if you’ve ever accomplished anything in life you were proud of, you know that most things that are worthwhile require some effort—this is no different.

Whether you’re brand-new to real estate investing and just want to know how to get started or you’re a seasoned veteran trying to keep up with the daily demands on your time and attention – I can tailor a personalized coaching program to fit your individual goals and needs.

Constant learning and improvement are critical to success at all stages of your real estate investing career, whether you’re doing it full time or part time.

You can do this the long and hard way or you can talk to someone who’s done it, is doing it, is living it, and is willing to show you the fastest and most efficient way to get the results you want-for many people, that’s financial freedom and independence. How does that sound?

Read the testimonials from a few of my many satisfied students and listen to the excerpt from one of my coaching calls.


Excerpt from Live Real Estate Coaching call with Gerald Lucas


Call 201-448-9861 right now to set up a free real estate coaching evaluation with a proven real estate investing coach who graduated from MIT, has raised over $100 Million for real estate investment and has helped hundreds of students throughout the US and Canada successfully invest in real estate. Read the powerful testimonials below from some of Gerald’s real estate coaching students

“Hi Gerald, First I would like to thank you for all of your help during my real estate endeavors. You pushed me when I was down on myself, and I wanted to give up. You gave me great ideas on how to build my buyer’s list, plus market to find motivated sellers. . There was not one time, where I didn’t learn something from our coaching calls. As time went on, I felt like I was talking more to a friend then a coach. I just want to thank you again for everything.”
~ Vince Kofi | Bronx, NY

“As a relatively new investor, I had some concerns about buying my first big multi-unit property. Gerald Lucas’ knowledge and patience helped me through the process. I’d recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting into real estate.” ~ Ethan Borshansky | Ridgewood, NJ

“Thanks Gerald. Your class was great! I feel like I have some sense of direction now because I was truly lost before. I didn’t understand how anyone started a business and now I realize that if I want to be successful I better figure out what the customer wants and needs versus what I THINK they want or need! Thanks again.”
~ Myani Lawson, Executive Director at The Learning Suite

“Thank you for all your support and great advice! You are a great coach.”
~ Tina Houston | Tupelo, Ok

“Gerald, I just wanted to say that I’m appreciative of your input in my business and the advice you gave me on how to structure everything from the beginning. It has been helpful and I would recommend your insight to anyone that is looking to start doing some deals right away. Thanks again.”
~ Ben Horning | Exton, PA

“Gerald, What I have learned from your coaching is extremely immeasurable and irreplaceable. As I embark in my career of real estate investing I feel that from your knowledge and what you have shown me there’s no situation that I can’t handle. Without your support I feel that I would be another statistic who once wanted to be a real estate investor. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate what you have taught me and I truly look forward to financial independence, planning my own schedule and the valuable time I get to spend with my family because of what I’ve learned from you.”
~ Terrence Robinson | Aurora, Colorado