5 Nightmare Home Problems Home Inspections Won’t Find

Q: Gerald, I set up an appointment with a home inspection company to inspect a property we are buying. What items does a home inspection cover or not cover? Janice, Charlotte, North Carolina

A: Janice, I’m glad you plan to pay for a home inspection—that’s the smart choice. The focus of a home inspection is on 3 broad areas: the structural, mechanical and electrical condition of the property. So, your home inspection should uncover structural, mechanical or electrical problems in the property you’re buying. However, the inspection is not designed to detect all flaws or problems that might exist in a home.

I’m going to list 5 items a home inspector’s standard practice typically does not include: 1) Asbestos 2) Radon Gas 3) Lead Paint 4) Toxic Mold 5) Bugs & Insects; You’ll probably need separate tests for those 5 items.

Thanks for your question, Janice, good luck!

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I’m Gerald Lucas and I’ll see you again soon.